Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Music can be a wonderful thing. I love music. A lot. In fact, I wrote the original draft for this introduction on paper from a handmade notebook sent to me by the wonderful Nikki King of Gregor Samsa, whilst using Mark Kozelek's lyric tome "Nights of Passed Over" as a makeshift desk. Seriously.

Music can evoke the most powerful emotions in me. I've imagined my wedding day, myself and my bride embracing as Jónsi soars through the verses of Sigur Rós' "Hafsol", and, slightly more macabre, I can see my coffin being lowered as mourners are subject to Efrim's cries in A Silver Mt. Zion's "There's a River in the Valley Made of Melting Snow". Whilst not everything I hear hits me as hard as these two examples, my love for music is such that I've decided to go down the well worn path of a music blog.

It's nothing new. There are thousands of music blogs out there. So what's different about this one? Firstly, I'm not going to be linking to .zip files of the latest leak. I still buy physical releases and this blog will aim to shift some albums of the artists it features. Anyway, if you're even slightly adept with Google, you can find pretty much anything elsewhere.

I'm not going to be reviewing anything. Reading reviews is boring. I'll be giving you facts, certainly an opinion here and there, but no wall-of-text reviews. You can read the facts, have a listen and make up your own minds.

So, I'll be featuring artists you may not have heard of, songs I love and words from the artists themselves. Give some new stuff a listen, you may like it. If you don't, so what? It's all relative.

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