Friday, February 27, 2009


Name: Graf Orlock
Latest release: Destination Time Tomorrow [2007]
File under: Grindcore

Grindcore isn't the most dynamic genre. If I were to listen to 100 songs by 100 different grindcore bands, chances are I'd only be able to pick out one or two afterwards as being particularly unique. If Graf Orlock were in that century though, I'm pretty sure I'd be able to recall them.

Graf Orlock play a fusion of grindcore and... movie samples. From Aliens to Zoolander (don't quote me on that) they'll sample it. This movie theme is found in the album packaging and also their lyrics. It's not just a gimmick though - it fits in superbly with the music they create. The closer to Destination Time Tomorrow, "The Dream Left Behind", has an epic, beautiful finish that belies the image of the majority of grindcore. Well, you're not going to find Napalm Death using a sample from Jurassic Park...


Who are you, where are you from and what is your role in Graf Orlock?
Jason: "My name is Jason, I sing, play guitar and do samples. I am from the beautiful and completely destructive city of Los Angeles, particularly Studio City."

Who came up with the face-hugger and chest-burster designs for your album Destination Time Tomorrow?
Jason: "This was a thematic idea continuing on from Destination Time Yesterday to Destination Time Tomorrow, which would have to involve space. Aliens was deemed the best choice and executed by our drummer Alan who tends to hit a laptop screen until those things materialize."

Have you encountered any copyright trouble with your use of lyrics or samples?
Jason: "No. Those legal entities can eat shit and burn in an entertainment hell hopefully populated by "artists", lawyers and asshole managers lifting money out of their accounts.

Do you think there is a danger of you being known as just "that grindcore band with the movie samples" whereas you feel that there is a lot more to Graf Orlock than that?
Jason: "I feel like there is much more to it, considering I am in the band. I don't worry too much, we are separated from a lot of scenes in a lot of different ways and if people think it sounds like something else, or think it is stupid they can also burn in entertainment hell (see answer 3)."

If you could have written and played the soundtrack to any movie ever made, which would you pick and why?
Jason: "Personally I would do Platoon, that one is amazing. But as a band I would more than likely do Die Hard, or Return of the Jedi with the "Ewok Victory" song (the first version). I remember banging my head and trying to choke myself when I was 4 or 5 to the song, so it has a special place in my little black heart."

Don't fuck with Jason.

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