Sunday, September 06, 2009


Latest release: 3-D [2009]
File under: Shoegaze

"Right about/Right about
Right about/Right about
Right about/Right about

That's the best refrain of 2009, from SPC ECO's "For All Time", a scenic waltz of a song.

3-D is the most relaxing album of 2009 so far. The entire album is awash with the shoegaze staples of dreamy vocals provided by Rose Berlin, bass and other noises provided by ex-Curve member Dean Garcia and shimmering guitar from Joey Levenson; it all comes together fantastically. Listen away and dream.


Who are you, where are you from and what is your role in SPC ECO?
Joey: "I'm Joey, and I torture the guitar for SPC ECO. I live in South Korea, but I'm in Japan and the US quite often (I'm American). Dean and Rose preside grandly over London town."

Dean Garcia was formerly in dream pop group Curve. How has their music influenced SPC ECO?
Joey: "I think Dean would agree that Curve and SPC ECO share some sonic similarities, however, IMHO, I think SPC ECO has a lot more of a sonic assault than Curve. Rose is a different creature than Toni [Halliday, Curve vocalist] is (just as grand, an epic singer), and then there's my psychedelic input, so that makes a different beast altogether. A sonic juggernaut, if you will."
Dean [Garcia, bass]: "Obviously there are certain elements that are bound to cross over, like the bass and aspects of drums, but the voice is the thing that separates the two enormously. Rose's voice is just heavenly to me - the perfect touch, understated and pure; I can't imagine any other voice for SPC ECO, it just wouldn't work for me. Knowing that Rose will glide through the tracks makes it the best, most fully realised record I could ever make."

I haven't tried yet (I will soon) but I imagine listening to 3-D as I sleep is going to take me to some wonderful places in my dreams. Where does 3-D take you?
Joey: "Dean often says that 3-D really moves him, it moves me as well. Its not just shoegaze, its not just noisy or psychedelic. It's emotionally gripping and has such a fun groove at the same time. I think we did well our first time out. :)"
Dean: "I'm not sure, I'd probably just fall asleep in a very colourful way, deep into a multi-verse of dreams."

The band seems very much against the filesharing culture of the 21st century. I can see both sides of view. If I said that if it wasn't for an illegal download I would have never ordered the physical 3-D release, what would you say?
Joey: "Oooh... well, you can't deny that it's out there and a lot of people do it. Well, if I like it or not, musicians and listeners alike use filesharing extensively, so we have to just work with the situation. Oh, and thanks for buying the CD."
Dean: "One minute It pisses me off and in another I have to be more zen about it otherwise I end up in a bad, stressful place... I have never made music for money but have always made a living out of music and at the point of making what I believe to be the best music I've ever written and been involved with I make next to nothing financially because of the current trend and general thinking that music should be free of charge. I still believe people should pay for their music (even if it is donation based) and especially for CDs or vinyl. MP3s I can understand and accept more because they are generally shitty little hollow files that can't touch a full quality CD or vinyl version, so I understand and accept them as a promotional tool. I welcome people to donate what they can afford for the album MP3 version (however small) to check out the album, but when you get torrent after torrent linking you to full CD resolution versions of your original work(s) free of charge, it does piss me off. And you get the arseholes who think it's completely acceptable (their job even) to fuck over everyone and anyone they choose weather they're established or not by publishing and republishing endless host links to the work... it's stealing, whatever way you look at it, and it ain't right. I also believe that if you're interested in an artist and their related work you will find out about it one way or another (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter etc.) without illegal activity, but however it works for you is fine, I suppose, just so long as you do end up supporting the artist(s) by buying a CD (as you have) or by going to see them live. Unless, of course, you feel you could create and produce all of your own music to satisfy your needs... (end of rant) :)"

What's next? A tour (come to Bristol)? A new album?
Joey: "We'd like to tour, but we'd prefer to have an extended tour, not just some shows now and then. Rose is in university now and Dean has some things on his burner, and I'm in Asia, but if someone has an attractive idea, we'd consider it for sure! A new album is not being considered yet, but we do have a 7" record with a new B-Side coming later this year. We're all really satisfied with 3-D, and we hope everyone (and a lot of new fans) will feel the same as we do. Thank you!"
Dean: "We would love to tour all over as Joey says... show us the itinerary and we'll be there :). But as ever you need funds to make this happen, without them you're pretty much fucked and not in a good way. Thanks to all those that have come to see us live and have shelled out for the record... it's very much appreciated and we love you for it... *raises glass and drinks heavily* ;)"

"Moving on slowly..."